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Mushroom autoclave machine for shiitake mushroom sterilizer
【Application】:     Mushroom autoclave machines was used in large mushroom farm.
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Mushroom autoclave machine was used the water ring vacuum pumps, vacuum degree reached more than 0.08 mpa, at the same time in the process of sterilization, control system, according to the temperature of the inner chamber of the steam exhaust steam automatic adjustment.


Mushroom autoclave machine was design by rectangular structure,this kind of autoclave has particular pipeline design and advance control system.



1.There are two types of automatic doors:lift and level-moving door

2.Put the place of this device shall be the hard concrete floor.

3.Mushroom autoclave machine has safety interlocking device.When the pressure outside the sterilizer is higher than safe pressure, the door can not be opened. The two doors have an interlock function.And the seal groove of door is on the body of sterilizer for mushroom,the kind of design is safe,reliable and gas-tight.


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