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shiitake mushroom production line
【Application】:     Shiitake mushroom production line is suitable for mushroom farm,esperially large mushroom farm and standard factory production.
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Shiitake mushroom production line can ensure continuous feeding.did not stop. High efficiency,So it can ensure the capacity,most of client will chose it.different mushroom, different bags ,we need change the mushroom bagging machine.water flow rate can be controlled,and the delivery the material to bagging machine also can be controlled.

Shiitake mushroom production line including 1 set mushroom bagging machine,2.5m Conveyor, 4m conveyor ,2 sets JB80-200 Mixer. The first is under ground about 20cm Mushroom cultivation equipment is easy to transport raw material to the next mixer.

The raw material is mainly Wheat bran,straw,wood sawdust,corn stalk,bamboo power,corn comb,etc.

Shiitake mushroom production line is automatic filling into bags,so save labor,and suitable for large farm, and this line need one set inoculation, and one set bag tying machine.

According to your different requirement,we can supply the PP bags,PE bags,sterilizer machine.

Technical data:


Needle mushroom 

produciton line


Bag size:15-20cm



Oyster mushroom 

production line


Bag size:30-38cm


Shiitake mushroom production line15kw

Bag size:35-40cm




Mushroom farm: