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oyster mushroom production equipment
【Application】:     oyster mushroom production equipment is suitable for mushroom farm,esperially large mushroom farm and standard factory production.it is save labor,save time,high working efficiency.
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Raw material:

If you want to growing oyster mushroom,the raw material can use wood sawdust,cottonseed hull,waste corn,corncob,straw powder,peanut shell,straw,etc.

Oyster mushroom production equipment is a kind of mushroom factory equipment,suitable for large mushroom factory,And high efficiency,save labor,low invest,high profit.

The main flow:

Screen,conveyor,substrate mixer,mushroom substrate bagging machine.through the flow,you can got oyster mushroom.shiitake mushroom,black fungus,needle mushroom,white fungus mushroom,eryngii mushroom,etc.

Oyster mushroom production equipment,with a taper hole, material can be adjusted, changing accessories, can filling into 15cm,17cm,19cm,22 cm bags.

 bagging height of 15-50cm.

In general,if you growing oyster mushroom.most of client also will chose the bag sealing machine, after filling into substrate,we can directly seal bags.

Technical data:

oyster mushroom production equipment11kw

Bag height:40cm


oyster mushroom production equipment11kw

Bag height:20cm



Detail pictures:

Oytser mushroom production equipment: